My Creations

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today I spent just a few short hours at the beach. I played with my cousin's children, sat in the sun, smelt the salt air, enjoyed the breeze. I didn't walk anywhere, I didn't look for seaglass. I just relaxed, enjoying one of the last few weeks of peace, one of the last weeks of summer before I return to work in September. Before I return to the world of classes, essay assignments, grades and students. Before the words completely swallow up my life, my self and my spirit. Today, I just sat taking everything in. I let the world fly by, let worries about houses and contractors fly far away from my mind. I am home again, at my little house near the lake. I can't smell the salt or hear the ocean waves lapping on shore. However, I can hear the trees rustling in the breeze, wind chimes, and the distant hum of boat engines and lawn mowers. It is still peaceful, but it is time to work. Time to prepare for the anticipated craziness that will replace my lazy, unstructured summer life.