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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The "Hello" Blog

So this is my first blog! It’s about time. People have been suggesting it to me for months, maybe years. I like to write, and I make jewelry. What better way to promote both hobbies than to start a blog. We’ll see about that. Hooray for short choppy sentences!

For now, let me introduce my self. My name is Sara, I am working on a Masters Degree in English and secretly plotting to change the rules of grammar and the spelling of certain words! Ha ha ha…ooops! Did I just write that? I guess it‘s not a secret anymore ;-)

I love the beach, and I love walking on it, especially in the winter when there are no people there, except me and a few other die hard ocean lovers. When I am on the beach, especially in the winter, I find seaglass. I use the seaglass to make jewelry and sell that jewelry on Etsy. You can see it by clicking on the pictures of seaglass jewelry that are above this blog or go to

So you may be wondering what this blog will be about! Its going to be about the things I create: jewelry and writing. I don’t what days will be for what yet, but one day I will post something related  seaglass, and another I will post something related to writing.

If I am motivate enough, I may even start posting installments to a work of fiction!


Out of all the stuff I have made, this piece is my favorite!  Just made it this morning.
The Mermaid's Gum Drop

So, that’s all for now! I’ll be back sometime before Sunday!